List Of All Herbalife Countries

If you are after improving your health and nutrition, you’ve probably come across Herbalife Nutrition some times. Herbalife Nutrition is a large global company that strives to provide high-quality nutrition products to promote healthier lifestyles.

But the crucial question is: Where can you find these Herbalife products? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and find out.

Herbalife is currently available in over 90 countries around the globe as we speak. And it is highly possible that the number will increase over time. Herbalife is not only about offering health products. Its main goal is to improve the nutrition habits and qualities of many people. The team’s efforts have brought numerous recognitions, including the No. 1 ranking in Euromonitor International. But this page won’t be enough to cover all of the accolades and achievements made by this health brand. So, shall we proceed?

Where Can You Find Herbalife Products?

You may be asking, “Can I get Herbalife products in my country?” Chances are, if you’re in one of the 90+ countries where Herbalife operates, the answer is yes! From the bustling streets of New York City to the tranquil villages of rural Bali, Herbalife products are making waves across the globe. I am pretty optimistic right now that you are living in a country where Herbalife distributes their products.

List of All Herbalife Countries

The Americas

Argentina – Español
Aruba – Español
Bolivia – Español
Brazil – Português
Canada – English
Canada – Français
Chile – Español
Colombia – Español
Costa Rica – Español
Ecuador – Español
El Salvador – Español
Guatemala – Español
Honduras – Español
Jamaica – English
Mexico – Español
Nicaragua – Español
Panamá – Español
Paraguay – Español
Perú – Español
Puerto Rico – Español
República Dominicana – Español
Trinidad & Tobago – English
United States – English
United States – Español
Uruguay – Español
Venezuela – Español


Armenia – հայերեն
Austria – Deutsch
Azerbaijan – Azərbaycan
Belarus – Pyсский
Belgium – Français
Belgium – Nederlands
Bosnia i Hercegovina – Bosnian
Bulgaria – български
Croatia – Hrvatski
Cyprus – Ελληνικά
Czech Republic – Čeština
Denmark – Dansk
Estonia – Eesti
Finland – Suomi
Finland – Svenska
France – Français
French Polynesia – Français
Georgia – ქართული
Germany – Deutsch
Greece – Ελληνικά
Hungary – Magyar
Iceland – Íslenska
Ireland – English
Italy – Italiano
Kazakhstan – Pyсский
Kyrgyzstan – Русский
Latvia – Latviešu
Lithuania – lietuvių
Malta – English
Moldova – Român
Mongolia – Монгол хэл
Netherlands – Nederlands
North Macedonia – македонски јазик
Norway – Norsk
Poland – Polski
Portugal – Português
Romania – Română
Russia – Русский
Serbia – Srpski
Slovak Republic – Slovenčina
Slovenia – Slovene
Spain – Español
Sweden – Svenska
Switzerland – Deutsch
Switzerland – Français
Switzerland – Italian
Ukraine – Українська
United Kingdom – English
Uzbekistan – Русский
Uzbekistan – O’zbek

Asia Pacific

Australia – English
Cambodia – English
Cambodia – ភាសាខ្មែរ
Hong Kong – English
Hong Kong – 粵語
India – English
India – हिंदी
Indonesia – Bahasa Indonesia
Indonesia – English
Japan – 日本語
Korea – 한국어
Macau – 中文
Malaysia – Bahasa Melayu
Malaysia – English
Malaysia – 中文
New Zealand – English
Philippines – English
Singapore – English
Taiwan – 中文
Thailand – ไทย
Vietnam – tiếng Việt

Middle East & Africa

Botswana – English
Ghana – English
Israel – العربية
Israel – עברית
Israel – Pyсский
Lebanon – English
Lesotho – English
Namibia – English
South Africa -English
Swaziland – English
Turkey – Türkçe
Zambia – English

Joining Herbalife in Your Country

If you’re from one of the countries where Herbalife operates, you can not only buy their products but also join as a preferred member or distributor.

This means you can be a part of the Herbalife community, sharing your passion for wellness with others while earning extra income. It’s a win-win!

Recognition and Awards

Herbalife’s commitment to excellence doesn’t go unnoticed. Every year, they receive numerous awards for their products and initiatives.

From China to the United States, Herbalife products are winning hearts and minds all over the world. It is a breeze to find the real use cases on the internet. You can simply type “Herbalife” on your favorite search engine, and you can see the exposure of this fantastic brand. These accolades are a testament to Herbalife’s dedication to quality and innovation.

The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation

Herbalife focuses on giving back to communities worldwide in addition to selling products. Herbalife founded the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) with the mission of providing proper nutrition and education to children and communities in need. Through initiatives like the Casa Herbalife program and disaster relief efforts, Herbalife is making a positive impact around the world.

Join Now!

Herbalife operates in over 90 countries, providing high-quality nutrition products and making a difference in communities worldwide. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your personal health or become a part of a worldwide wellness community, Herbalife provides everything you require. If you’re from one of the Herbalife countries, why not give their products a try or even consider joining as a member? Your journey to wellness starts here!

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