Become a Herbalife Preferred Member

Stop paying full price for Herbalife products! Become a Preferred Customer and get up to 35% discounts on all your purchases.

Sign up online in just a few minutes following the steps below or contact me if you need any help or have any question.

1. Contact me to get your sponsor ID details. It is mandatory to be introduced be an existing Herbalife member in order to join Herbalife.

2. Click here to go to the Create an Herbalife account page. Enter your email and password then click Create account.

3. Confirm your email by clicking the link in the email you receive from Herbalife. At this stage you created an account but have not yet finished the sign up process.

4. Choose your membership option. You will have the choice between becoming a Distributor and Preferred Customer. Click Join as a Preferred Customer.

5. Enter your sponsor ID. Please contact me or send me am Whatsapp message if you want me to be your sponsor.

6. Review the information you have entered and pay for the Preferred Customer welcome pack.

That’s it! You will receive a welcome email with your member ID and will be able to order Herbalife products directly from your account at a starting 15% discount from now on.

Discount Levels for Preferred Customers

Herbalife preferred member discountsYour discount start at 15% but can go up to 35% based on the quantity of products you order over time. Herbalife attribute value points to each product they sell. The products retail price may be different from one country to another but basically you get 1 point for every one US dollar and something spent.

Here are the membership levels and their equivalent discount:

Bronze: As soon as you become a Preferred Customer you start at the bronze level and get a 15%. This is the minimum discount you will get regardless of quantity you will order.

Silver: Once you accumulate 500 points over a 12 months period you will get a 25% discount on all your orders.

Gold: In order to be a gold member and get 35% discount you will need to accumulate 2,500 points over a 12 months period.

Preferred Customer Member Pack Cost

The cost of your starter kit is $34.95 in US and usually less than that in other countries and you will receive the equivalent in Herbalife products when you receive your pack.

Preferred Customer Benefits

15% to 35% discounts. As a preferred member you will never again pay retail price for Herbalife products and will be able to order them directly from Herbalife at a huge discount. That can result in huge savings if you consume Herbalife products regularly.

Promotions and rewards. Herbalife usually runs special promotions and rewards for preferred members only. You can take advantage of them and get your products for even less than the regular discount.

Free tips. You can subscribe to the free Herbalife newsletter for preferred customers only and get free recipes, meal plans, fitness tips and much more.

Low annual fee. The annual fee for Preferred Customers is only $15 in US (or less in some countries) and is lower than the annual distributor fee.

Convert to distributor. You can convert to distributor at any time and get even larger discounts (25% to 50%) and make money by reselling Herbalife products and building your downline.

Disadvantages of Being a Preferred Customer

You can’t resell. You can only order products for your own use. You are not allowed to make money reselling them.

Can’t make money. Preferred Customer membership is designed for personal use only. If you want to make money reselling Herbalife products and sponsoring other members you have to switch to distributor status.

Questions About Preferred Customer Membership

What if it doesn’t work for me?
You can cancel your membership at any time. You just have to login to your account and cancel your membership. You can even get a refund for your unused products by contacting Herbalife directly.

How much does the Preferred Customer pack cost?
The welcome package cost is $34.95 in US and usually less than that in other countries. You will receive the equivalent of what you pay in Herbalife sample products.

How much is the annual fee?
Preferred Customer annual fee is $15 in US or the equivalent or less in in your country currency.

Is there a monthly cost?
No. You only have to pay for the welcome kit and the annual fee.

Is there a minimum purchase required?
No. You can only order what you need, when you need.

Is Herbalife available in my country?
Herbalife is available in over 90 countries. You can see the full list here.

How can I switch to distributor?
You will see an option to upgrade once you login to your account.

If you have any other question or need help joining Herbalife please contact me.