Can a Herbalife Preferred Member Purchase Products in Other Countries?

Does a Preferred Member have access to purchasing products while traveling overseas?

Unfortunately, at this time a Preferred Member cannot place orders directly with companies in other countries – we will keep you up-to-date if this changes in the future.

At present, Herbalife policies stipulate that purchases be made within the country of membership registration. This practice helps Herbalife meet regulatory requirements in each region while efficiently managing logistics.

I suggest several alternatives for those Preferred Customers who travel:

1. Plan Ahead: Before traveling, purchase sufficient quantities of your favorite products so as to enjoy their enjoyment uninterrupted throughout your journey. By planning ahead and purchasing enough product in bulk for continuous enjoyment on every journey.

2. Local Resellers: For your convenience, Herbalife products may also be readily available through local resellers in your destination country. Although these purchases would not directly tie back into your account, they can provide temporary solutions when necessary.

3. Shipping Arrangements: Depending on the duration of your trip abroad, international shipping arrangements from your home country might be possible. Keep in mind that this will likely incur higher shipping costs and longer delivery times; additionally, customs regulations and import duties vary between countries.

4. Convert to Distributor: Distributors can purchase products in any of the 90+ countries where Herbalife is available.

Please contact me if you are interested to join Herbalife or want to know more about the available memberships.