Can a Distributor convert to a Preferred Member?

Transitioning from Distributor to Preferred Member may be an option available to those who find that this change more closely aligns with their lifestyle or business goals. Before making any definitive decisions regarding such a change, however, it’s essential that all the ramifications of such decisions are thoroughly explored so they meet long-term objectives.

The Conversion Process:

Converting from Distributor to Preferred Member is a straightforward but irreversible decision, so the conversion must be approached carefully and with care. When a Distributor chooses to become a Preferred Member, they must submit a formal request through appropriate channels provided by their company in order for everyone involved to know of and manage this transition smoothly and efficiently.

Implications of Converting:

As previously noted, one of the primary consequences of transitioning from Distributor to Preferred Member status is losing one’s downline. All recruits and their associated sales networks will transfer back to your previous sponsor – this transfer remains permanent even if you later decide to change back!

Losing a downline means no longer receiving commissions from their sales activities, which could potentially mean significant decrease in earnings depending on its size and activity level. Therefore, it is imperative to balance this loss against the advantages of becoming a Preferred Member.

Benefits of Being a Preferred Member:

Selecting Preferred Membership as a business model option can bring many advantages, especially those seeking a simpler business model or those whose circumstances have altered since becoming Distributors. Preferred Members typically enjoy more direct relationships with the company and focus more on personal sales rather than team management and recruitment responsibilities – leading to reduced responsibilities and an easier, more predictable business operation.

Preferred Members may enjoy various support structures or incentives tailored specifically to individual sales achievements rather than team leadership metrics, including higher discounts on products, specialized training programs and access to exclusive sales tools and resources.

Strategic Considerations:

Before making the leap, it is advisable to conduct an in-depth assessment of your current business performance as a Distributor and project potential outcomes as a Preferred Member. Consider factors like:

Current earnings from your downline versus potential earnings from direct sales alone should also be evaluated, along with the time and resources currently devoted to managing it versus those required to focus exclusively on direct sales.
* Your preferences on team management versus independent sales activities. ** – Long-term business and personal goals related to each role and how they align.**

As it can help provide insights and share experiences that might not immediately come to light, consulting with an advisor or mentor familiar with both roles can also be of immense value.

Conversion Potential:

Reconverting from Preferred Member back to Distributor should not restore your original downline, and must be carefully considered as it could impact both long-term earnings potential and business structure. If there is any uncertainty around your decision, it may be prudent to wait before proceeding until more clarity emerges around needs and goals.


Converting from Distributor to Preferred Member should not be taken lightly and requires thoughtful and strategic consideration, taking into account long-term impacts to both your career and finances. With all aspects of conversion understood, an informed decision can be made that aligns with both professional aspirations and personal circumstances. By understanding all facets of it all you can make an informed choice which fits with both.

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