How to Sell Herbalife Successfully: Step Up Your Virtual Meeting Game

As a Herbalife distributor, one of the challenges you may encounter is reaching hundreds to thousands of prospects with gaps like location, available time, and other resources. But technology has offered a solution for you.

You won’t need to conduct expensive offline meetings for your Herbalife promotion. You can use an online platform to meet with your prospects and customers. One tool is Working Live.

This platform can help you amp up the game and connect with your team, customers, and prospects anytime and anywhere.

What Is Working Live?

Working Live is a webinar platform with a bunch of useful features. It is a top-rated video conferencing platform purposely designed to improve the communication and productivity of entrepreneurs. If you have been around with your sales attempts, you must add this webinar platform to your business setup.

Working Live is easy to use. You just need to log in and connect to your peers. Working Live has you covered whether you are holding team meetings, Q&A sessions, promotions, showcases, or simply chatting with your customers.

Use Working Live for Herbalife Meetings

Here are what you can do with Working Live to enhance your Herbalife business opportunities.

Host Engaging Video Conferences

The platform allows you to host video conferences. If you have ever used Zoom before, it should be easy to use, too. This platform lets you connect with your team and customers with clear audio and HD video. But before hosting a video conference, you will want to consider these first.

Prepare Your Content

Before starting your video conference, you must prepare your content. Plan the outline of the topic you want to cover. The clearer your outline is, the more successful your conference will be. Therefore, it is also a great idea to construct an agenda so that you can easily keep track of the discussion. You could appoint someone to be your assistant or co-host of the conference if necessary.

Besides the content outline, you will also want to prepare all components necessary to support your content. For instance, you may have the idea to use polls or quizzes to keep the conference more engaging. Think of relevant topics about Herbalife, such as product knowledge, the Herbalife line of products, etc.

Evaluate the platform

Working Live works well with cross-devices. Therefore, you won’t need to worry when inviting people using different devices. They can attend your conference if they have popular apps on their device.

Check and test

Before the Herbalife conference, you will want to ensure that all of your equipment is okay. Make sure that your internet connection works properly. You will also want to check your mic, camera and others. If you plan to record the meeting session, ensure your device is ready. Consider checking the Hard Drive. See if it has sufficient storage to record the meeting in video format. Checking and testing your setup will greatly save you from hassles or technical problems during the Herbalife conference.

Set the specific objectives or milestones

Days or weeks before the conference, you will want your participants to know the topics you will discuss. For instance, you may want to focus on weight management topics with Herbalife. You also want to include this information in your invitations as you prepare the materials. Your participants must know about the topic so that they can prepare themselves, too. That includes important information like the duration of the conference, the keynote and guest speakers, and even the preparations they need to take beforehand.

Expand Your Reach with Facebook Live Integration

Working Live enables users to broadcast events directly to Facebook Live. If you think most of your audiences come from a particular platform, you might want to use this feature to connect with them. Facebook Live integration in Working Live enables you to connect in real-time, which will help you promote your Herbalife business.

Here are the ideas for maximising visibility using Facebook Live integration in your Working Live account.

Direct Audience Connection

You can use Facebook Live to communicate directly with your audience in real time. This on-time feature allows you to answer and engage with their questions effectively.

Global Audience

The reach is within your inner circle and a global audience. When you direct your conference to Facebook Live and make it public, people worldwide can see you, meaning more customers.

Plan and promote

Don’t invite them a day before your webinar. Chances are they won’t attend your conferences since they’ve already had other appointments. You could notify your audience way before by releasing a teaser or trailer about your upcoming conference. Regularly post relevant content on your social media to build anticipation.

Recording and storage

By using Working Live, you will never miss a meeting or training session again. You can easily record all of Herbalife’s virtual events and meetings and store them securely. Whether you want to review your past Herbalife training sessions with your mentors, share your team session, or capture funny moments, you can work it out with Working Live.

The platform provides access to manage your recordings. Being a distributor at Herbalife can be challenging because you need to absorb many materials. While your device has limited storage, you could save some Herbalife materials in Working Live cloud storage.

Invite up to 500 people to your meetings

Whether you are hosting a small or a huge event, Working Live has you covered. It allows you to invite up to 500 people to your conference. Imagine how effective it is to use this platform. You can reach out to them one by one without driving miles to their house individually.

Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Integration

Working Live integrates with important tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. These integrations make it easy to schedule and manage virtual conferences.

Imagine that you will get busier as a Herbalife distributor juggling multiple events and occasions throughout the week. With Google Calendar integration, you can easily manage your virtual meeting schedule. Along with Outlook integration, you can manage the meetings more effectively. Stay organised by utilising these integrations.

Hold Training Event with Working Live and Zoom

Working Live comes with a Zoom AI companion. You can host a training event for your team. Thanks to Zoom in the Working Live ecosystem, you can also invite participants who have been using Zoom. There is no need to worry about compatibility issues here.

Some training events Ideas:

    • Product Demonstrations: Host live demonstrations of Herbalife products, showcasing their benefits and usage tips. Invite your audience to ask questions and provide feedback in real-time.
    • Expert Interviews: Conduct interviews with industry experts, Herbalife leaders, or satisfied customers to share their success stories and insights. Encourage viewers to interact with your interviewees. If you’ve joined me, you could invite me.
    • Wellness Workshops: Conduct live workshops focused on health topics such as nutrition, fitness, and self-care.

Wrapping Up

A good webinar platform like Working Live can help you connect with a broad audience. It can save you and help you promote your business, train your team, and conduct other meeting types. Start using the power of virtual conferences now and take your Herbalife business to a new level.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact me.