Herbalife Preferred Membership vs Distributor Membership – Which One Is For You?

Between Herbalife Preferred Membership and Distributor Membership – Which One Is For You?

When it comes to Herbalife, it is not just about getting healthier but also wealthier. We see few opportunities like this in the other options. Herbalife offers a series of products that can help its customers improve their health and wellness.

Herbalife has everything from tasty shakes to super supplements and healthy snacks to keep consumers healthy without sacrificing their favorite taste. Being a consumer is probably enough for some people. But you may have seen such discounts that provide many benefits to members of Herbalife. Maybe you have been considering to join with Herbalife. When you become a Herbalife member, you are not just getting the products for a better price, but you also have an opportunity to build your own little business and earn serious extra income while sharing what you love.

If you consider joining Herbalife, you have just prepared an incredible journey with a huge, healthy community. Before hitting the register button, you will be in the middle between these membership options: Preferred membership and Distributor membership. Which one is for you? What are their perks? What are their differences? I will answer those questions for you in this post.

Preferred Membership

Herbalife preferred member discountsLet me start with what you can expect from a preferred membership to Herbalife. When you become a preferred member, you enjoy huge benefits that regular consumers can’t.

One of the most marvelous things about Preferred membership is its rewards program. Every time you make a purchase, you will earn rewards points that you can redeem for cool rewards or prizes. You will also enjoy flavourful discounts just for being a part of the great community. Here are the benefits of the preferred member:

    • Bigger discounts: As a preferred member, you can enjoy bigger discounts. Starting at a Bronze level, you will get over 20% off. In the next Silve,r, and gold golds, you can enjoy discounts over 30% and 40%. You won’t get these discounts when you are a regular consumer.
    • Exclusive Deals: Special promotions are gems in the Herbalife community. You can grab special deals all year round.
    • VIP Access: Access new products, recipes, and expert tips in an exclusive biweekly newsletter.
    • Easy order: you can order your Herbalife products at a good price anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 access.
    • Save on Taxes: When you buy products, you only pay sales tax on the discounted price, not the full retail price.
    • No Strings Attached: No mandatory training or meetings – just enjoy the benefits hassle-free.

Herbalife’s preferred membership is different from your end game. If you want to earn money from Herbalife products, you can upgrade your membership to an independent distributor.

Preferred member can level up their account to attain more discounts.

Bronze Level

It is the starting point of every preferred member. As soon as you register as one, you will reach the Bronze level. Bronze-level members get 15% discounts on most Herbalife inner and outer nutrition products.

Silver Level

As you stock up on your favorite Herbalife products, you could hit a personal purchase total of 500 points within 12 months. If that milestone is achieved, you will level up to Silver. At this level, you can enjoy 25% discounts on most Herbalife products.

Gold Level

Preferred members can reach the Gold level by accumulating 2,500 points in personal purchases over a consecutive 12-month period. In Gold-level membership, members can get more than 35% discounts on most Herbalife products.

Platinum Level

The Platinum Level status rewards dedication to health and wellness with ultimate prizes. Here, members can get over 45% off most Herbalife products.

All in all, you can get bigger discounts as you occasionally shop more Herbalife products. It is like a good incentive to keep you motivated and on track toward your goals.

Herbalife Distributor

Herbalife distributor discount levelsWhen becoming a Herbalife distributor, you will not only enjoy all of the Herbalife products at discounts but also earn extra income from the commissions you make and sales. The distributor role unlocks a whole world of opportunities. Just like preferred membership, there are levels that you can reach as well. However, you will see significant differences in perks from this type of membership.

Here are the five levels to reach.


It is your starting point. You will automatically reach this level as a distributor member when you finish your registration. In this level, you can have 25% discounts on most Herbalife products and the rights to resell them and take the retail profit of 25% for your extra into

You will also earn VP—-volume points with every product purchase. Volume points are an important variable for helping you level up.

Senior Consultant

You can level up to Senior Consultant by accomplishing several milestones. At this level of membership, you can achieve 35% retail profit by accumulating 500VP in one month. You could also make purchases that accumulate 500 VP orders.

Once you’ve reached this level, you’ll reap the benefits of 42% discounts on most Herbalife products as you accumulate 2000 VP or more in a month.

Success Builder

The success Builder level is where things get more exciting. At this level, the distributor can order 1000 VP at a 42% discount. Moreover, you can enjoy a 42% discount on additional orders during the same Volume Month.

Qualified Producer

You purchase 2500 VP in sales within 1 to 3 volume months at this level. This level comes with a consistent 42% discount on your orders. Plus, you can earn split commissions from orders placed by your downline distributors and senior consultants. That means the more downline members under you, the more you earn from the commissions.


The supervisor level is at the top of the pyramid. To reach this level, you need to accomplish some milestones. There are three ways to get to this level:

Achieving 4000 VP in one month

Achieving 2500 VP in each of two consecutive months

Accumulating 5000 Personally Purchased VP within 12 Volume Months.

There are different paths to the Supervisor level, so you can do it at your own pace without being pursued by targets. Once you reach the Supervisor level, you will benefit from a 50% discount on every order.

Closing Thoughts

Now that we have explored each of the sides, it is time to decide which path you will take.

Herbalife is not only improving your health. It is also about boosting your wealth and opening the doors to wonderful opportunities.

As a preferred member, you will enjoy exclusive discounts, rewards, and perks that regular consumers won’t access. Then, you can level up your membership and unlock more perks.

Meanwhile, Herbalife distributor offers intriguing perks. In addition to the great discounts, distributor membership grants you the ability to earn extra income and build your own business. There are five levels, each with different rewards and perks. The sky is the only limit here.

Whether you are looking for the best way to improve your health, boost your income, or even both, Herbalife has everything for you. So, take your time to consider (but take it only a little bit), evaluate your options, and take action now. Find me on Whatsapp at +40 770 635 458 or use this contact form.