Do I Need A Sponsor?

In order to join Herbalife (both as a distributor or preferred customer) it is mandatory to be sponsored by an existing member. During the signup process you will be asked to provide your sponsor ID and first 3 letters of his name. Having a good sponsor is very important as he or she will be … Read more

How Much Does It Cost?

In some countries, like India, there is no cost to become a Herbalife member. For most other countries it is mandatory to buy the Herbalife membership pack (HMP) in order to join, regardless if you sign up as a distributor or preferred member. The price may be slightly different from one country to another, please … Read more

Distributor Discount Levels

Discount Levels and Downline Commissions Earned by Herbalife Distributors There are 4 discount levels for Herbalife Independent Distributor. One starts with a 25% discount and can go up to 50% once he/she become a Supervisor. Your discount level depends on the volume of your and your downline orders over a certain period of time. Herbalife … Read more

How To Apply For Food License In India

If you want to become a Herbalife distributor in India you will have to submit proof of identity and address as well as a valid food license. Here is how to apply FBO registration certificate or license online: Go to FSSAI website: FoSCoS – FSSAI Click “Apply for New License / Registration”  Fill up the … Read more

What Do you Need To Join Herbalife

Signing up with Herbalife, both as a distributor or preferred customer, it’s easy and can be done online. For most of the countries you do not need to submit any document, just fill the form with your name, valid email, phone and address. Some of the countries may have stricter rules and ask you for … Read more

Herbalife Distributor vs Preferred Customer

When you join Herbalife you have the option to choose between becoming a distributor or preferred customer. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the two membership types. Distributor pros: – Larger discounts. When you became a distributor, you start out with a 25% discount on all your purchases of Herbalife products, regardless if it’s … Read more

Get up to 50% Discount on Herbalife Products

If you are buying Herbalife products, or plan to buy in the future, you can get them at 25% to 50% discount by becoming a distributor. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and I will show you how to do it step by step. 1. Join Herbalife. I added a step by … Read more

List Of All Herbalife Countries

Di you know that Herbalife is available in more than 90 countries and you can sell to customers living in all of them? If you are not yet a Herbalife distributor join now and get up to 50% discount on all your orders. List of all Herbalife countries and available language by region: The Americas … Read more